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             Virton 2014





The Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat was kidnapped on August 25th by masked security agents in Damascus.
They confiscated his papers and drawings
They severely beat him, trying to injure his hands.



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Ali Farzat, well-known Syrian cartoonist , and of course well-known by the killers in the pay of Bachar El-Assad the Syrial killer, was wildly attacked by unknown people in a street of a secure area in Damascus. They broke his arm and they crushed his hands, breaking him two fingers. It's a recall of Victor Jara's fingers ; the Chilean poet and musician whose fingers were cut with an axe by the killers at another mass killer's disposal : the felon general Augusto Pinochet, in 1973.

Poet, musician, cartoonist are jobs of passion whose practice is very difficult under the dictatures everywhere. Dictatures we never stop denouncing with all our strength and with the only weapon that we own : pen and pencil. And our ten fingers, of course.

Dear friends of FECO all over the world, take your pen for the defense of free cartoon.


FECO Vice-président général