Utopia is it future or no future ? Is it the possibility or the impossibility of a better future on earth before the very final end in about 4 billion years ?

I think that humankind has started very early searching for something better than our small short lives spent running and hunting... or being hunted. In fact, I think we have never accepted our condition of little poor things full of fear and lost in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in a vast univers we didn't understand. But I also think that the very first liberation gesture of humans has happened at the very right moment we started looking at the stars and thinking of infinite.

Humanity is made of reality but also of dream, perhaps first of all of dream. Dreaming of another world is perhaps the first way humans choosed to try to scape from a reality which is mostly made of negative things: hunger, cold, fear, violence, slavery, hate, poverty, ilness, death... History is full of fight and blood. Reality of human beings have been builded all along our time on earth by war and destructions. And that is not at all finished...

So, the idea of Utopia happened, in old times and, later, in modern times. At the 19th century new concepts where thought by some intellectuals who tried to think philosophy, economics, sciences in a different way. They invented new rules in order to bring a new kind of light over the difficult life of most people. A different light to show the way to a new world made of harmony and happiness. They have refused the reality of a society of power, money, exploitation and they have builded virtual marvelous cities, ideal cities made of solidarity and progress where quality should be the norme, not quantity.

On the contrary, the model of our modern society is more than ever "no quality but quantity". That's why, perhaps, our "ideal" of Utopia, today, is made of just a little more ecology in order to have a little more quality of food and a little more quality of drinking and a little more quality of air in order to go on living our little lives a little longer... Big ideas seem not to have anymore place in our society. The old good model called "American way of life" is leading everywhere on earth and earth is not big enough for that model, but we keep going straight on, I don't know where... That's why I'm afraid there is no future for Utopia.

But, I should like to believe that a very little light is still shining in the dark. For instance, here in Niels Bugge, a beautiful couple of dreamers, the very modern utopists Gitte and Poul, are building a new concept in the Danish countryside made of a very high quality of life. On that way to make people being much better together, we, cartoonists of several countries, we have been following them with our cartoons but also our friendship and our vision perhaps different of things. With our sense of humour, our non acceptation of everything which is wrong all over the world and with the help of our little pencils we, perhaps the last Mohicans, we still are drawing for a possible new world made of utopias. Even if we don't believe it really migh happen someday.

Anyway, perhaps this is time to ask my good friend and great Swedish cartoonist Riber Hansson to join me so I nominate him Doctor Honoris Causa in International Cartoonism by the Danish "University" of Niels Bugge.

Thank you. Tak. Or tak-tak, as say Swedish...

Carlos Brito

Viborg, the 28th May 2016

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