Present members on October 4th, 2008:
Radu Cletiu (Romania), Jean Gouders, Willem Rasing, Peter Nieuwendijk (Holland), Alex Noel Watson (Great Britain), Juli Sanchis, Jose Maria Verona, Lamberto Orriz, Jose Lanzon, Jose Lanzon Piera (Spain), Jugoslav Vlahovic (Serbia), Zoran Petrovic, Marlene Pohle, Oscar Barrientos, Erwin Pistr, Valeri Kurtu (Germany), John Xiagoris, Sofia Mitraki, Demetrios Coutarelli (Greece Levadia), Bahgory (Egypt/France), Batti (Corica/France), Arawak (Guadeloupe/France), Kiki Arezki Achehat, Ferhaoui Louafi Nour El Yakine (Algeria/France), Robert Rousso, Brito, Bouton,Nalair, Cendrillon, Mofrey, Genny, Veronique Deiss, Ougen, Moine, Lazagne, Duboullion, Eric Calmels, Hulin, Patrick Pinter, Nol, Boursier, Joyeux, Alban Poirer, André Laville, Eric Laplace, JM Bertin, Chervalier (France)

1.New President General FECO
All FECO Member countries can send us one name!
Capacities of a new PG will be:
-speaks and writes English (more languages would be excellent)
-can be reached easily and frequently be e-mail and phone
-will be co-operative, diplomatic and able to organize
-can invite new groups to be member of FECO
-has as his/her aims: to defend freedom of expression, has new ideas, is able to work together with the ‘old’ FECO Board, can act as an international jury member
-has imagination and ideas to improve FECO
-support the FECO rules & FECO model competition rules
-You can have elections in your country and send us the name of a possible candidate before November 11th 2008 (to the Secretary General of FECO: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.)
-We will collect all the names of the candidates and send you that list (more instructions about voting for a new PG will be given after November 11th)

2.Contestrules (FECO Star rating system)
Many cartoonists complain about the competition rules used by festival organizers.
If festival organizers wish to receive only original works and they do not send them back (they can add: sending back on request! Will be OK) and if they claim the eternal copyrights of the works (they can use them only for a short period to promote their festival and the participating cartoonist!)
If these claims will be found in their competition rules, FECO will put them on our blacklist!
No FECO Chiefs will participate as jury members in those festivals!
FECO Model Competition rules can be send to you by Marlene or Peter.
A list with how the star rating system works will be send soon to you all!

3.Names of FECO Countries. Groups or….?
We do have two kinds of FECO Members.
Cartoon Association members and Cartoon Organizer members (see FECONEWS Magazine for a complete list)
The present members on the meeting decided to use in the future the following names. Not FECO Groups. If there is just one group in one country, its easy; it will be FECO Belgium or FECO France or FECO Germany. If there are more member groups in one country they will be named after the city or their organisationname. As example: FECO Levadia Greece, FECO Athens Greece. Of course we wish that two or more groups will from in the future one group, but if that’s impossible we accept those as they are now.

4.FECO Website renewed
There will be no password anymore. The FECO site will be restyled by Alban & Bouton. Easily to read. FECO logo in blue. Flags & logo’s. Heads of chiefs. Links to members and all other known cartoon sites. We keep it simple. We do not have the money nor the people to build a spectacular site. The star rating system will be on the site, as well as information about festivals. The ‘ moving’ page will be: “What happened this month?” (with up-to-date news, pictures and cartoons). More news will follow.

5.World Cartoon Rating System
An idea brought in by our friend Yugoslav Vlahovic. The discus the idea to have a yearly list with a kind of rating system with all the winners of all the competitions so to have yearly ‘the best cartoonist’ Some say yes, many say no! Who will make that list? What will be the rating system etc. There was no decision during the meeting. Someone who has ideas can work that out together with Yugoslav and bring it in again.

6.Report of the FECO Treasurer (Mr. Bob Vincke)
There are still 12 countries that did not pay their annual FECO fee!
There is € 3000 on the bank account of FECO (In Belgium), just enough for nr. 48!
Sending FECONEWS Magazine around the world costs more than printing it!
We keep on printing and sending it twice a year. Preparations will be made to make FECONEWS magazine 48 and 49 (2009) and even nr. 50 (or shall we make after nr. 50 a digital version? And who will do that?) We’re very happy with the digital version of FECO Bulletin (6x a year).
Next meeting we will discus these matters again.

Everybody was happy & tired. FECO France is looking for a new FECO President (Laville will stop, there are two candidates). Great news about 4 new FECO members! (Chile, Syria, Bali and Portugal).
Zabuski was ill. Rousso will go to Greece (and will come back). The exhibitions in St. Just were great. The new center is not ready yet (the grass is growing faster than the building!). Great being among friends. Sorry that not all the FECO Chiefs were here. Notice that some e-mails do not work!
We hope to receive candidates for the new FECO Presidency (for the next 4 years).

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